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September Pet of the Month: Mihli

Mihli is a very sweet Staffordshire Bull Terrier who has, unfortunately, seen rather a lot of Cambridge Veterinary Group in the last few months. She came to see us several times during August for investigation of various lumps. Then, just as she was discharged, she came in at the start of September due to problems urinating. Mihli was passing bloody urine and not behaving quite the same is when she had previously suffered bladder infections.

Vet Caren examined Mihli and tested a urine sample, which indicated that as well as having blood in her urine, there were some crystals and bacterial infection. Crystals can occur secondary infection, so Mihli was put on a course of antibiotics, alongside anti-inflammatory pain relief with a plan to monitor her closely and check another urine sample in a few days.

Although Mihli's signs improved, despite the treatment they did not resolve, so we proceeded to an ultrasound examination of Mihli's urinary tract, performed by Vet Emma. The scan showed multiple large angular structures in the bladder consistent with stones, so poor Mihli came back for surgery to remove them.

Vet Helen along with Nurse Selina and trainee Nurse Ana looked after Mihli for her surgery, extracting all the stones – 12 in total! These stones have been sent off for evaluation as to the primary type of stone, and Mihli has made a fantastic recovery. She will now eat a very specific prescription diet long term to prevent the formation of more bladder stones in the future.
We hope Mihli now has a break from coming in to see us all!

Signs of cystitis (bladder inflammation) include frequent urination, straining and blood. There are many causes of these signs, with bacterial infection in the bladder being the most common. If you are worried about your pet's toileting please don't hesitate to contact the practice.

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