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Puppy School


To encourage early socialisation and basic training of puppies on a reward basis.

The school's aims are to help you give your puppy the best start in life by providing information about training, worming, feeding, and showing you dosing techniques in a relaxed, non-hurried environment.


Flo and Mark Merritt, assisted by Vicki Gee and Charlie Clarricoates (a well-known dog trainer and writer).

PuppyParty_Boxer1What Is Involved

Weekly 1-hour sessions for 6 weeks. Classes are on-going; you can join at any stage (subject to an available place). If you miss one week you can add it on at the end.

Limited to 2 people per dog (including no more than 1 child per dog), but we encourage other members of the family to come as observers so that everyone handles the puppy in the same way.

Reward-based system for dog; homework each week for you! All training aids, toys, treats, etc. are available from the practice on training evenings and during the week (our normal practice hours of 8.30am - 6.30pm).

puppy%20schoolWhen Can My Pup Start?

Any time after their first vaccination up to 20 weeks old.

When And Where Are The Classes Held?

On Monday evenings at the practice:

  • Class 1 at 7.30pm

  • Class 2 at 8.30pm

Whenever possible, the class will be outside in our purpose built puppy paddock which has been disinfected and is reserved exclusively for Puppy School. If the weather is unfavourable, then classes will be held indoors.

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