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Pet of the Month for February

Meet characterful George, who has been chosen as our Pet Of The Month for February! George ended up being taken to the emergency vets on Boxing Day, after spending Christmas Day evening feeling very disoriented and acting out of character.

It was discovered that he had a huge abscess on his left hindleg, which had been covered by his fur. The abscess was operated on to remove the necrotic tissue and the wound then covered with a bandage - he also had to wear a big blue buster collar to stop him licking his wound. George then came back to Cambridge Veterinary Group for follow up care of his wound. After several bandage changes George's wound was beginning to shrink in size. However, he did not like having his wound bandaged, so to accelerate his wound healing we opted to treat the area with K-Laser therapy. After daily sessions of therapy with the K-Laser George's wound began healing considerably faster and he appeared much more comfortable in himself.

George is now doing extremely well at home thanks to the vigilant care of his owner and the on going care from the team at Cambridge Veterinary Group. Well done George!

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