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March Pet of the Month: Barnaby

Barnaby came in to see vet Sarah on the 12th of March after his owner noticed a swelling appear on the back of his left thigh. A fine needle aspirate was taken from the mass to determine what the mass was, this was looked at by the vet in-house and revealed the mass to be a mast cell tumour. Mast cells are normal cells found in the body which are used in both inflammatory and allergic mechanisms, however just like any cell within the body they can form tumours. Mast cell tumours are the most common malignant skin tumours in dogs. Barnaby was booked in for the mass to be surgically removed by vet Caren that Friday, the mass was removed and sent for histology to ensure it had been fully excised. Unfortunately over the weekend Barnaby's wound opened up a little so he came in to see vet Jennifer on the Monday who placed staples to close this incision. Due to the position of the wound on the back of Barnaby's thigh there was little skin to allow for normal movement, meaning the wound was constantly being strained. Due to this the staples didn't hold and Barnaby was admitted for wound re-suturing by vet Anna on the 20th, this time two small incisions were made next to the original incision to allow for some of the tension to be released from the skin in that area. As we had also received the histology results, stating that the mass had been completely excised, we were able to start K-Laser treatment to help with wound healing. The K-Laser does this by promoting increased circulation, drawing oxygen and nutrients to the affected area - this creates an optimal healing environment. Barnaby was kept on strict rest by his extremely diligent owner and continued to come back for repeat K-Laser sessions on his wound, his wound began to heal well. On the 30th of March he came in for a final check up with vet Anna who was happy his wound was healed well enough to remove the sutures. Barnaby is now getting back to his normal routine thanks to the attentive care of his owner and the team at Cambridge Veterinary Group - well done Barnaby!

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