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June Pet of the Month: Pinkie

Meet Pinkie the pink bellied Australasian freshwater turtle! Pinkie is our Pet of The Month for June. He came in to see vet Jill Pearson on the 18th June after the lighting above his tank fell into the water, electrifying it causing him serious burns - his tank mate, unfortunately, didn't make it. He was admitted into the hospital where the nurses cleaned his wounds with F10 solution and gave him a tube feed of carnivore care - to ensure he was getting enough calories for efficient wound healing. He was also given Metacam orally (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) and an injection of Ceftazidine (antibiotic). He continued with this care for several days in our hospital, improving each day, until he was well enough to be discharged on the 21st. He continued his pain relief at home and has since made a full recovery, as you can see from the photo he is very much back to enjoying life at home.

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