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July Pet of the Month: Jet Black

Jet Black has been chosen as our Pet of The Month for July!

Jet Black was brought in to us on the 22nd July after his owner noticed him bleeding from his back end. On exam the bleeding was found to have come from his urinary tract, his bladder was full and uncomfortable. Being a neutered male cat this was indicative of a possible urethral blockage. Urethral obstruction is a problem that occurs almost exclusively in male cats. This is because the urethra of a male cat is much longer and much narrower than that of a female cat, and so is more susceptible to becoming blocked. It is not a common condition, but when it occurs it is painful, the cat will be unable to urinate despite repeated efforts, and it is a life-threatening emergency as it can cause acute kidney failure and even death if not appropriately managed. He was admitted to the hospital where he was given sedation and had a urinary catheter passed to shift the blockage and empty the bladder. The bladder was drained and flushed with saline before the catheter was removed and Jet was placed on intravenous fluids in hospital overnight. He was also given pain relief and antibiotics. The next day he was much brighter in himself, but he had not passed urine on his own so his bladder was expressed. He was started on alprazolam to help relax the bladder and encourage him to pass urine on his own and kept hospitalised. However, the next day he was less comfortable so cystocentesis was performed to empty some urine from the bladder and started on a low dose of sedative to further relax the bladder. This made him more comfortable and the next day he was x-rayed to check for calculi, that could possibly have been contributing to the blockage. Thankfully the x-ray was clear of calculi, so he continued with the sedation protocol and hospitalisation until he was passing urine more comfortably. After passing urine normally overnight Jet Black was sent home on the 27th on a wet food diet and oral pain relief, he came back for more sedation to be given that evening to keep him comfortable and afterwards continued to improve at home. We are happy to report that he is now back to his normal self and enjoying lots of love and care from his owners! Well done to all of the team involved with caring for Jet Black during his stay at Cambridge Veterinary Group.

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