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Pet of the Month June - Bear Openshaw

Bear came in to see vet Emma Jarrett last week after his owner noticed he had suddenly begun scratching at his left ear. On examination of Bear's ears with an auroscope, Emma could see a large grass seed next to the tympanic membrane (ear drum) in his left ear.

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Pet of the month April - Sid

Sid is our pet of the month for April. Sid was brought in to see vet Jill Pearson in mid-April after having awoke from hibernation. She(!) presented with lethargy, dehydration and inappetence, which we diagnosed as post hibernation anorexia.

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Pet of the month March - Klaus Bates

Klaus came in to see one of our vets, Jessica Peace, at the beginning of the month after her owner noticed a small lump under her left armpit.

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Pet of the month for February - Valentino Scott

We first met Valentino in December when he moved to Cambridge with his owner from Scotland. At the beginning of February Tino came in for a biopsy of a recurring lesion on his nose.

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Pet of the month January - Heldig CP

Heldig came to us via Cats Protection on the 11th January with a degloving injury to her left forepaw and chin, she was seen by Jess.

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Pet of the year - Cara Muncey

We are delighted to announce that 2017's Pet of the Year has been awarded to Cara Muncey.

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Winter 2017 Newsletter

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November Pet of the Month - Pebble

Meet Pebble, a sweet little 15 week old Netherland Dwarf rabbit. We first met Pebble for her routine vaccinations at the end of October. She had a health check, we discussed rabbit care, and vaccinated her to protect against Myxomastosis and RHD-1 (Rabbit Haemorrhagic disease variant 1).

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October Pet of the Month - Pippin

Here is Pippin the Chinchilla, who first came to see us in October. We had not seen him before. However, Pipping had been losing weight and not quite eating as much and his owner was concerned.

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