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April Pet of the Month: Libby

Meet Libby, who has been chosen as our Pet of The Month for April! Libby has had chronic eye infections for a while now. Her eye infections had been managed medically until the beginning of the year when vet Jennifer noticed the recurrent eye infections had caused bilateral entropion (the eyelid folds inwards causing the eyelashes to rub continuously against the cornea). This was causing more recurrent infections and irritation for Libby, so the decision was made to surgically resect the eyelids to rectify the entropion - which would hopefully reduce the recurrence of the eye infections.

Libby came in for surgery with vet Jennifer who resected sections from both upper eyelids to rectify the bilateral entropion, she also flushed Libby's tear ducts to removed any debris in them which may have been causing further irritation. Libby recovered well from the anesthetic and was sent home with antibiotic eye drops and anti-inflammatory pain relief. She came back to see Jennifer 10 days later and her eyes are now looking a lot better. Thanks to the diligent care of Libby's owner she is now recovering well and is back out in the garden enjoying the sunny weather, well done Libby!

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